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        Phone: 0516-87927835

        Email: 429713823@qq.com

        Address: Huangshi Road, Gulou District, Xuzhou City, Jiangsu Province

        Fax: 0516-87933292

        Xuzhou Jian'an Fire Engineering Co., Ltd.

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        Xuzhou Jian'an Fire Protection Engineering Co., Ltd. is an engineering company under Huaihai Group. It was founded in 1997 and is a "first-class fire protection facility engineering general contracting enterprise" in northern Jiangsu and even Huaihai Economic Zone. The company's main business: building fire protection system engineering design and construction; fire protection and anti-corrosion coating engineering, office intelligence, monitoring system engineering construction; water, electricity, HVAC installation, commissioning and maintenance; mechanical and electrical equipment installation; fire technical consulting services.

        The company regards talent operation as the foundation of enterprise development and attaches great importance to the introduction, training and improvement of talents at all levels. There are four senior engineers, more than 30 engineers, seven first-level constructors, and ten second-level constructors. We have a group of capable engineering and technical management teams for design, cost, drawing, installation, and experienced construction and installation. Team and construction machinery and equipment.

        The company has passed the quality system certification, and was awarded by the China Enterprise Credit Guarantee and Enterprise Credit Evaluation Committee: "Quality, Respect, and Credit" AAA credit unit. The company has been rated as "Contract-honoring and Promise-keeping" by relevant provinces and municipalities for consecutive years. "The enterprise is recognized as a satisfactory fire protection construction enterprise by the fire supervision department.

        Adhering to the main requirements of "strict management, standard construction and service", the company has established a complete construction management mechanism, strictly controlled quality technically, established a project department with technology as the core, and completed project construction with quality assurance, and progress assurance , To achieve the goal of the first acceptance rate of the engineering system. The company has successively undertaken hundreds of large and small fire protection projects in Xuzhou and surrounding areas, and won praise and support from owners, regulatory authorities and all sectors of society with its excellent technology, sincere service, and good image.

        The company always takes "learning, innovation and application" as the direction of our study and practice, responds to market development and meets customer needs, and uses social responsibility as the basis to achieve greater benefits for customers. Firmly seize the historical opportunity of development, and work together with all sectors of society, pioneering and innovating, seeking development together, and creating a better future.

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