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        Human Resources

        People oriented

        People-oriented emphasizes respect for people. Respect people's differences, use their strengths, optimize human resources, and make the best use of their talents. Respect for differences in human abilities. People with different contributions have different remuneration, responsibilities, powers and interests. Ability, contribution and remuneration are symmetrical, and responsibilities, powers and interests are symmetrical.

        Only apply

        Virtue and talent are reused, virtuous but not talented, and no virtue is not used. The quantity is only applicable, because the job can be fixed, the ability determines the position, and the contribution determines the value. Using the competitive mechanism of "the capable and the mediocre" is used to stimulate the potential and subjective initiative of human resources, so that talents with both ability and political integrity and high efficiency can stand out.

        Innovation beyond

        Learn to innovate, constantly surpass, and be dissatisfied. Improve the salary incentive mechanism, adhere to performance management, carefully analyze and summarize the results of the assessment, and ensure that the rewards and punishments are clear, objective and fair. Adhere to "Today's good results are tomorrow's low standards"!

        "Everyone is a talent"

        In the use of talents, model and mystify, so that the amount is suitable for the individual. As long as they display a greater degree of talent in a suitable position, they are talents with a certain meaning. In accordance with this principle, we arrange each employee to a relatively suitable position according to his level, expertise, experience, character, etc., so that we can do our best to help the company continue and develop rapidly.


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