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        Huaihai Fire Group Mid-2020 Summary Conference

        Release time:2020-07-30 17:22:12      Number of hits:404

        Since the outbreak of the novel coronavirus-infected pneumonia, looking back on the work situation in the first half of 2020, under the correct leadership of the company group leadership and the party branch, it has closely focused on the company’s established "seek progress in stability, innovation-driven, and improved development" at the beginning of the year. The work tone is diligent and pragmatic, pioneering and innovative, and successfully completed the work plan and various tasks for the first half of the year. On July 20th, our company organized leading cadres and related personnel in various positions to hold a work summary for the first half of 2020 and a work mobilization meeting for the second half of the year.


        Sales is the leader, production is the guarantee

        First of all, Manager Zhang Lei of the Sales Department and Minister Chen Yingli of the Production Department reported on the production and sales work in the first half of the year to all participants. The new crown epidemic raged and broke out widely. The city was blocked, work and classes were suspended. In this epidemic, People's work and life are affected by it. Our production and sales departments work together to fight the market together to ensure product quality while strengthening technical improvements to reduce costs and increase efficiency, increase scientific and technological investment, and actively develop new products to improve production efficiency. Not only has the sales task been completed, but the sales of new products of various categories are also steadily improving. In the raging environment of the epidemic, it is not easy for us to complete the tasks set at the beginning of the year, and we cannot do without the strong support of various departments.

         Then Minister Wang Yali of the Finance Department, Secretary Wang Shanhua of the Party Branch, Director Zhang Erqin of the Office, and Director Wang Qiang of the Risk Control Office respectively reported on the work: In this epidemic prevention work, our company earnestly implemented the work of the municipal and district committees on epidemic prevention and control. Various decision-making arrangements, establish and improve the epidemic prevention and control work system, do a good job in epidemic monitoring, investigation, and publicity, and build a strict line of defense. The party members led various departments and party branches and offices to do a lot of work on the active resumption of production and work and subsequent prevention and control tasks. They stocked various epidemic prevention and protection products before and after the resumption of work, and the office organized company employees to carry out various necessary epidemic prevention and control, production, etc. Online training. The orderly restoration of business order and the fulfillment of corporate responsibilities have maintained the company’s long-term and stable development momentum.

        Finally, the chairman of the group Sun Chun made a summary statement: the chairman pointed out that with the joint efforts of all employees, the results of our work in the first half of 2020 in the face of the impact of the epidemic are worthy of recognition, but the market is unpredictable and there is no emotion , The future competition is still fierce. I hope that the heads of all departments and all employees can establish a mindset of being prepared for danger in times of peace, and there can be no slack in the slightest. Do four adherences: "Adhere to market demand-oriented, adhere to learning and innovation as the source, adhere to management assessment as a means, adhere to the work policy of reducing costs and increasing efficiency". Under the clarion call of great development, rapid development, and development, we must seize strategic opportunities in the overall planning of stability and progress, and show the precious spirit of Huaihai people who dare to be the first and strive for the first in the competition. Promote Huaihai Fire Fighting to glory!


        Group Chairman: Sun Chun

        Tasks in the second half of the year

        Our goals for the second half of 2020 are:

        1. Increase corporate efficiency and increase employee income;

        2. Resolve corporate risks, clarify property rights, and improve corporate operating environment.

        Work plan for the second half of 2020:

        1. Study and training, system construction, improve the overall quality of employees;

        2. Improve product quality and reduce overall enterprise costs;

        3. Technological innovation, develop fire-fighting products that adapt to the market and have advanced technology.

        4. Formulate and complete sales tasks, production tasks, and management tasks.

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