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        The fire at Notre Dame Cathedral is a wake-up call to all ancient buildings

        Release time:2020-09-22 18:48:16      Number of hits:307

        In order to make ancient buildings out of the shadow of fire, in addition to ensuring that daily investment does not cause them to fall into disrepair, it is also necessary to formulate stricter rules to restrain obsessiveness in commercial development and disregard of their behavior.

        On April 15, local time, a fire broke out at Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, which caused its wooden frame to be basically burned and the spire collapsed. The fire caused severe damage to this 800-year-old building, which is regrettable.

        This incident has once again pushed the issue of fire protection in ancient buildings to the point, and once again sounded the alarm for all ancient building protection work.

        In fact, the world's ancient buildings have not been able to escape the shadow of fire. On September 2, 2018, the National Museum of Brazil, which is rich in collections in Latin America, also suffered a fire. The entire three-story building of the museum was basically destroyed. The fire swallowed up 90% of the collections. Mel called the loss "immeasurable." The initial cause of the fire was found to be the long-term and cost-constrained museum, which caused the building to fall into disrepair, and the museum lacked a fire fighting system. Earlier in the same year, on June 15th, a fire broke out at the Glasgow School of Art in Scotland, and the historic Mackintosh Building was also consumed by the fire.

        Ancient buildings are witnesses of history and the crystallization of civilization, and their cultural and artistic values are irreplaceable. As Chinese architect Liang Sicheng said: "Ancient buildings are treasures, and the more you can experience their preciousness in the future." Ancient buildings that have experienced wind and frost and have witnessed the years are also fragile. The Brazilian Museum and Mai The fire at the Kintosh Building was a disaster for human civilization, and so was the fire at Notre Dame Cathedral. A new civilized catastrophe once again proves that the protection of ancient buildings cannot be taken lightly. With a little carelessness, these "treasures of mankind" will be destroyed.

        Although the fire occurred in Notre Dame de Paris, it also has very strong practical significance for our country. It is not that we have suffered such a loss in the protection of ancient buildings. In 2003, the fire at the main hall of Yuzhengong, the world cultural heritage site, Wudang Mountain, was caused by the local arbitrarily attracting capital and renting it out. In 2014, the fire in the ancient city of Dukezong in Shangri-La County, Yunnan was behind the local government's ignoring of risks in order to develop the tourism economy.

        To keep ancient buildings out of the shadow of fire, increase the investment in daily maintenance to prevent them from falling into disrepair, and to improve their own fire protection system construction is one aspect. It is also necessary to formulate stricter rules for the fire protection of ancient buildings. In reality, due to the needs of commercial development, many ancient buildings have undergone electrification, and some have also installed high-power lighting equipment, which may bury hidden dangers. In addition to electrical fire prevention, it is also necessary to provide detailed plans for structural fire protection, material control, facility fire protection and management, and repair construction procedures for ancient buildings to create a three-dimensional network. For maintenance and construction, it is necessary not only to strictly review the qualifications of the construction party, but also to fully consider whether it has experience in ancient building maintenance and construction, and supervise and control the construction process from multiple sides to ensure the overall; For those ancient buildings that are over-developed and have fire hazards, It should be investigated in a multi-faceted manner, the list should be announced, and operations should not be allowed until the rectification is completed.

        As far as our country is concerned, ancient buildings are facing the dilemma of fire prevention. In addition to the risks of repair and construction, there are also reasons for the ancient buildings themselves. my country's ancient buildings are dominated by pure wood, brick, and civil structures. In addition to a large number of flammable wooden materials, the surface paints of many ancient buildings are also flammable. Due to insufficient investment, many ancient buildings have not been equipped with modern fire protection systems. Moreover, these buildings are either in remote mountain areas or in old towns with narrow roads. Once an accident occurs, rescue is often difficult.

        Ancient architecture is a treasure of all mankind, and its original intention of operation should be to serve the public, not to over-commercialize. And such operations must be established under the premise of adequate protection. The fire at Notre-Dame de Paris is a warning to us. The flames are ruthless. We must cherish our cultural heritage, put an end to any fluke, and require technology and management to ensure nothing is lost. Only in this way can it be regarded as fulfilling its duties and worthy of history and future generations.

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