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        Contact us

        Phone: 0516-87927835

        Email: 429713823@qq.com

        Address: Huangshi Road, Gulou District, Xuzhou City, Jiangsu Province

        Fax: 0516-87933292

        Company profiles

        Xuzhou huaihai fire control group was founded in 1964, is located in xuzhou city, jiangsu province Jin Shanqiao economic and technological development zone development zone 21 jinqiao road, the group covers an area of about 500 mu, building area of 160000 ㎡, society of fire extinguishing rescue products in jiangsu province branch of xuzhou city fire protection association, vice President of units, unit, is the Ministry of Public Security fire department early point and one of the first batch of fire control products production license issued by the enterprise, group through restructuring, acquisition, integration, enterprise scale is growing, Has become by single fire equipment co., LTD by xuzhou huaihai fire equipment co., LTD., xuzhou huaihai fire control technology co., LTD., xuzhou double chi fire equipment co., LTD., xuzhou new huai fire equipment co., LTD., xuzhou sussing out fire engineering co., LTD., xuzhou tianyu fire-fighting equipment manufacturing co., LTD., xuzhou au fai storage and transportation co., LTD., xuzhou DE heng handicraft co., LTD., xuzhou heng of fire equipment sales company, Fire equipment manufacturing, fire engineering installation, fire fighting equipment manufacturing, product maintenance, automatic fire control facilities maintenance, non-metallic, warehousing logistics, automobile transmission shaft, metal conductor steel pipe manufacturing as a whole, has a modern production plant, production equipment, office facilities, strict production process, perfect quality management system, perfect detection means, to ensure that products meet the technical level, stable, reliable and a flow of quality. Group products in the domestic routine inspection and various sampling inspection all qualified.


        Huaihai Fire Protection Group has more than 600 employees, including 60 technicians, and 500 production and testing automation equipment. Our products include "Huaihai" fire extinguishers, bolts, boxes, hanging fire extinguishers, vehicle fire extinguishers, household fire extinguishers, etc. With portable and cart type dry powder fire extinguishers, portable and cart type carbon dioxide fire extinguishers, portable and type trolley type water-based fire extinguishers, portable and cart clean gas fire extinguisher, hanging type automatic fire extinguishing installation, indoor fire hydrant (outside) and all kinds of pump adapter, fire hydrant box, fire extinguisher boxes, fire fighting equipment 9 big series product type approval certificate. And has the fire engineering first class installation qualification, undertakes the fire engineering externally. Huaihai Group produces about 5 million kinds of fire extinguishers annually, with an annual sales revenue of about 400 million yuan.

        Huaihai fire fighting group, research and development strength company to "science and technology as the guide, give priority to in order to benefit" the enterprise idea, according to do big business, small accounting unit management methods, adhere to the science and technology as productivity, invest a lot of money for new product research and development, and independently developed the clean gas fire extinguisher series products, hanging automatic fire extinguishing device and a series of fire control products. Production of fire accessories, fire extinguishing agents and other auxiliary materials, under strict quality control, strengthen the cost assessment, to ensure the quality of products at the same time, to provide customers with low-cost products. Huaihai group product sales system sound Huaihai product sales network all over the country, in many provinces and cities with offices, after-sales maintenance department and other sales outlets company, the products are also exported to Russia, Israel, Germany and other countries. Huai hai group as "services" as the life group heavily to introduce talents, training employees, to the service concept penetration in each link, is to provide customers with satisfactory service, ask the personnel of the service to the customer's willingness and potential demand in a timely manner to make convenient for reaction, creativity to achieve customer satisfaction, let the customer enjoy the huaihai culture service, to provide customers pre-sale, sale and after-sale one-stop service.


        Huaihai Group will continue to progress through the group iso9001-2000 quality management system certification, established a set of practical, perfect, value-added, continuous improvement of the enterprise quality management system. The company has been awarded as a trustworthy enterprise for ten consecutive years, and has been rated as the product of Jiangsu Province for two consecutive years. In 2012, it was rated as one of the top ten brands in the fire protection industry, and its chairman Sun Chun was rated as a city member and won the Provincial May 1st Labor Medal. The group will continue to invest in new product research and development, expand and strengthen the fire protection industry, and build an enterprise in the domestic fire protection industry. Based on this, the group will further expand its scale by penetrating into other fields. Let huaihai fire protection products become the bane of fire! A thousand-li journey is started, the first step, after 50 years of experience, with a team and integrity-based business philosophy, to the product quality to win the broad market space, look back the past, such as rock, steel roses, we made a little result today is the social from all walks of life to our love, we can do is to do business, and tireless dedication to give back to society, serve the motherland, we regard the product quality is the life of the enterprise, in order to make our products can be the bane of the fire to their own light and heat!

        Our slogan:Create a fire enterprise! Do in line with the standards of products, Huaihai products, product refinement!

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